Substance3d® Baker Bridge

The Substance Baker Bridge gives access to the Industry Leading, highspeed Baking Toolset of Substance 3d by Adobe ® directly from within Mari.
The Bridge utilitzes either

  • Substance Automation Toolkit
  • Substance Designer 12.1 or higher

The Substance Baker Bridge requires either 'Substance Automation Toolkit' or 'Substance Designer (12.1)' to work/

The Substance products are 3rd party software, not included with Extension Pack or MARI.

Key Features of the Substance Baker Bridge

  • Ultra fast baking of Ambient Occlusion, Curvature, Thickness and many more.'Baking Overnight' is a thing of the past with this.
  • Full GPU Acceleration where availabe, fast CPU baking otherwise
  • 15 different Bakers
  • Per Baker Override settings (e.g. udim range, resolution etc.)
  • Bake Previews
  • direct import of results into Mari
  • highres to lowres Baking and mesh-linking (e.g. you only want to get occlusion from a couch onto the floor but not the walls)

Help Topics

Video Tutorial

=>  Accessing & Configuring the Bridge for first use