Preview Area


The Preview Area shows you the results of your Bake Processing while they are still baking, making it ideal to spot mistakes

and tweak settings before committing to a finished Bake.

of the Bakes for faster feedback

    • In Bake Mode, Images will be shown here before the end result is then imported into Mari

    • The Preview can be suspended to conserve memory by pressing the Pause Button 

Top Row Dropdowns

  • Object Selection

The Object Selection Dropdown allows you to select which baked Object you want to see in the preview.

Obviously this is only relevant if you baked more than one Object in the Mari Object to Bake List.

  • Baker Selection

The Baker Selection Dropdown allows you to select which Baker  you want to see in the preview.

Obviously this is only relevant if you added more than one baker in the Baker Render List

Main Preview Area & Navigation

The Main preview area shows you the baked images.

  • Viewport Navigation

You can navigate around the Preview area by:

    • Pressing the left mouse button and dragging in the preview area to pan the view
    • Use the Mouse wheel to zoom in or out
    • Press the right mouse button and drag to zoom in or out

Navigation Convenience Buttons

The Convenience Navigation Buttons next to the preview area can be used to quickly frame the Preview area.

  • Return to 1001

Frames the View area to UDIM 1001

Hotkey 'H'

  • Frame UDIM width

Frames the View to the full width of UDIMs 1001 - 1010

Hotkey 'F'

  • Frame Bakes

Frames the view so that all Baked Images are visible

Hotkey 'A'

Pausing Preview

Loading in Images into the Preview area takes a small amount of time during the bake process and will increase general RAM usage

(since each image needs to be loaded and kept in RAM).

If you have a large amount of udims to bake at high resolutions, and your RAM is full, this might lead to issues.

If you are experiencing issues during baking, try pausing the Preview

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