Baker Render List


The Baker Render List allows the user to add any number of Bakers that will be executed sequentially one after another.

  • Each Baker can have its own set of common settings (Channel Name, Resolution etc.)
  • Bakers can be reordered
  • Bakers can be activated and deactivated
  • Bakers can be duplicated
  • Bakers can be updated with new Settings from the New Baker Default Values Section
  • Baker Specific Settings will be visible in the Selected Baker Parameters Section

Baker Rows

  • Values can be overwritten per Baker by double clicking on a column

For information on each value, refer to the New Baker Default Values section

  • Bakers can be deactivated by clicking the checkbox next to its name. The Baker won't be processed if deactivated.

Baker Management Buttons

  • Add Baker

Allows you to add a Baker to the list. For more information on each Baker refer to the Baker Type Help Section

  • Delete current

Delete the currently selected Baker row

  • Delete all

Delete all Bakers in the Baker List

  • Duplicate

Duplicate the currently selected Baker in the Baker List

  • Move Up | Down

Move the selected Baker Row up or down in the list to change the order in which Bakers are executed

  • Move to Top | Bottom

Move the selected Baker Rowto the top or bottom of the list to change the order in which Bakers are executed

  • Apply new Defaults

Pushes the currently set Defaults in the New Baker Default Values Section onto all Bakers in the list.

This can be used to batch update multiple bakers with new resolution, udim range etc.

Name Conflicts

If the Channel or Geo Channel with the provided Mari Channel Name already exists an orange Warning will be visible

The Tooltip will show you where that channel name already exists.

Baking is still possible. The existing data will be overwritten (Geo Channels) or a new Layer will be added (regular Mari Channel)

If on the other side, two Bakers have the same Mari Channel Name, the Baker Names will be marked with Red instead, indicating a conflict

<= New Baker Default Values                                                                               => General Settings