General (Bake) Settings


The General Settings Section contains 

  • global options that influence the behavior of your bakes when baking from a lowdef to a highdef mesh ('from mesh' bakers).

They are not tied to any specific Baker, however only influence 'from Mesh' Bakers.

  • global options for texture padding / texture bleeding. They are not tied to any specific Baker 


The following Parameters controls high-poly to low-poly mesh baking (used by 'from mesh' bakers)

  • Set Distance with

Indicates wether to use a cage mesh file in the baking process or using ray distance values.

If using a cage, the cage controls the ray maximum distance and direction.

  • Cage Path

If Set Distance with is set to Cage, this allows you to specify a cage mesh.

If using a cage, the cage cotnrols the ray maximum distance and direction.

  • Frontal Value

Controls how far above the low-poly surface the ray should start to find any high-poly geometry along its path.

  • Rear Value

Controls how far below  the low-poly surface the ray should stop to find any high-poly geometry along its path.

  • Relative to Bounding Box

If enabled, ray distance and other size-based computations are based on the normalized space of the low-poly mesh.

If disabled, the ray distance computation is based on units specified in the low-poly mesh when it was exported (meters, centimeters, etc.)

It can sometimes be useful to disable this setting and enter the ray distance manually when an Object has precise measurements.

  • Match

For more detailed information on Object Matching refer to the dedicated Help Section 'Object Matching (High/Low)'

The Match setting controls how the Lowdefintion object (Mari Object to Bake) is matched to the High Definition Mesh

when using a 'from Mesh' Baker.

    • Always

Match Always will treat all High Def Objects as a Source for any baked Mari Object. Meaning if any High Def Object sits close enough

to the object to bake, to have an influence (e.g. cast occlusion) it will do so

    • By linked mesh name

Matching by linked Mesh Name allows you to create Bake sets to limit the influence of a Highres Object only to targeted Objects in your Scene e.g.

to prevent a Couch from casting occlusion onto the Walls it stands next to, while still casting occlusion onto the floor.

A Match Button will become visible next to any object  in the High Definition Object List

After clicking on the Match Button you are able to choose the target lowdef Object (a Mari Object in your Project)

The following Parameters control post processes run on finished bakes

  • Dilation width (px)

Dilate/extend the pixels of the UVs outside or their border by the amount of pixels given. This operation allows to avoid seams at UV borders when these

borders are not perfectly aligned to the texture pixels or when the texture resolution is reduced (ex: mipmaps). 

This is a post-process applied after the baking process. It can sometimes be called "padding"  or "texture bleeding" as well.

  • Apply Diffusion

If enabled, the outside of the UVs will be filled with smoothed gradient colors based on the UV borders. This process ensures that when texture size is reduced it

will stays stable and not create overly visible seams (ex: mipmaps). This is a post-process applied after the baking process.

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