Select Mari Objects to Bake


The Mari Objects List allows you to select which Mari Objects should be calculated during the Baking process.

  • Each selected object will trigger a separate bake process, one per active baker in the Baker Render List
  • Each selected object will be calculated separately.
  • Objects will not affect each other. Each Object will by default be calculated as if there are no other objects next to it.
  • To specify influence from one object to another (e.g. floor object receiving occlusion from couch object), use the High Definition Meshes

Subdivision and Positioning

Objects will be calculated as they exist in your Mari Project:

  • if the object has been moved using the Mari Transformation Tools, it will be calculated in its current position/scale/rotation
  • if the object is subdivided it will be calculated at the subdivision level, currently active in your Mari Project


  • Selected Objects will be calculated fully, even if they have partially hidden parts (patches/faces) inside your Mari Project

Quick Select Buttons

Quick Select Buttons located above the Object List allow you to quickly modify your current Selection

  • All

All objects in the Object List will be marked active

  • None

All Objects will be deselected

  • Invert

Invert your current selection. Activated Object will become inactive,inactive ones active.

  • Current

Select only the Mari Object, which is currently selected in the Mari Object Palette.

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