Ignore Backfacing

Modifying the behavior of Backfaces, might sometimes be required to improve your bake results.

Backface ignore options are available for 'from Mesh' (e.g. "Ambient Occlusion from Mesh")  Bakers.

Below you can see an example of an occlusion bake of the Mari Standard Head. Notice the difference in the inner mouth area

Configuring "Ignore Backfacing"

'From Mesh' Bakers have a Ignore Backfacing Setting with 3 Modes: Always, Never & By High Def Mesh Setting

  • Always

Will ignore Backfaces during calculation

  • Never

Will not ignore Backfaces during calculation

  • By High Def Mesh Setting

Will evaluate ignore Backfaces on a per Highdef Mesh level, depending on the Mesh Setting in the High Definition Mesh List

Ignore Backfacing not available for FBX files

The Ignore Backfacing option is only available for

    • In-Project Mari Objects
    • External Files of type .obj

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