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RELEASE:   July 1st, 2021

BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE TO: Extension Pack 5 + 5 R2 | R3 | R4 | R5 | R6


MINIMUM REQUIREMENT (for Mari 5.x):  Unsupported due to Python Version differences

RECOMMENDED:  MARI 4.7v1 or higher

MARI NON-COMMERCIAL is not supported due to restrictions by the Foundry



New Feature       Feature Update       Feature available in Nodegraph only       Feature requires Mari 4.7 or higher    


  • Extension Pack 5 R6v2 is a maintenance update with Bugfixes and some minor new features.

 For a full overview of the features released in Extension Pack 5 see each dedicated release notes.


Distribute Nodes in Nodegraph


  • The new Distribute Nodes Tool in the Nodegraph allows you to evenly distribute node selections with uniform distance between nodes.

Default Hotkey is CTRL+Alt+D in the Nodegraph Context unless that Hotkey is used already by the User.

Nodegraph Tab Navigation via Hotkeys

By default in Mari 4.7 or higher, the Hotkey CTRL+TAB is assigned to this in the Nodegraph Context, unless that Hotkey is used already by the User

By default in Mari 4.7 or higher, the Hotkey HOME is assigned to this in the Nodegraph Context, unless that Hotkey is used already by the User


Substance Baker Bridge

  • You can now duplicate a selected Baker

  • The 'Max Rear' and 'Max Frontal Value' Sliders now support out of range values. The sliders will rescale to the new range

  • Loading a Preset containing External High Def Mesh Files, now checks if the High Def Mesh File on Disc still exists and removes any that don't.

  • The log now provides additional warnings if an existing mesh export was reused during baking.

  • Choosing 'From External File'  in the High Def Mesh Section, now opens the Filebrowser in the last used HD Mesh Location

  • 'From External File'  in the High Def Mesh Section, now supports FBX Files

Target Object Matching & per-HighresMesh Ignore Backfaces Options are not available when loading FBX files

  • You can now set a preset as the default Preset to load when the Bridge is opened. E.g setting the 'last used' Preset as default, 

will always start the bridge with the last used settings. Choose the blank row in the Dropdown as a default Preset, to remove

the currently set default Preset and revert to standard behavior on start.

  • Right Mouse Clicking on a 'Match' Button in the High Def Mesh List, now allows you to copy the Match Settings from this row to all others


Export Selected Channels

  • The automatic Presets ''Last Exported Channels" and "Last Exported Channels (all Objects)" were not updated if the Output path 

contained a $ Variable (e.g. $ENTITY,$CHANNEL etc.)

Substance Baker Bridge

  • Having more than 2 individually matched Highres Objects, would cause the Bridge to hang on Mesh Export

  • Loading  a Preset, incorrectly set the 'Max Rear Value' to the same number as 'Max Frontal Value'

  • The Max Rear and Max Frontal Values could be set to 0.0, which would produce empty results in baking

  • The 'Last used' Presets would not automatically remove Highdef Mesh Entries, linking to files on disc that no longer existed, causing Bakes to hang indefinitely.

  • Highres Mesh Matching using External Files was not working if the External File had been exported with Materials on

  • Bakes were not imported in the order they were in the Baker List. Bakes are now imported from bottom to top, as they appear in the Baker Render List

  • The Progress Bar would sometimes get stuck at 50% during the final Temporary Data Cleanup (no steps were missed though)

  • The Titles of the UI were overlapping other UI Elements when using a Mari Version below 4.5


  • If you have previously downloaded the Help Files for offline usage you should replace it with the new one using the method described here