Distribute Nodes

  • Where to find it:

    • NodeGraph / Right Mouse Click / Alignment /
    • Main Window / Extension Pack / Nodegraph / Alignment

  • Shortcut (Nodegraph Only): CTRL + ALT + D

Example of distributing Nodes

Distribute Nodes will distribute selected Nodes with user-specified distances between each Node.


  • Distance X

The horizontal distance between each node. The Spinbox controls operate in increments of 50 but custom numbers can be typed in

  • Distance Y

The vertical distance between each node.

  • Align Nodes

If on, Nodes will be pre-aligned left and top bound before distributing them

  • Contain in Parent Backdrop

If on, Nodes will not be allowed to leave the space of the Backdrop they originally were part of, no matter how large of a Distance was specified.

The Distance will be dynamically adjusted to contain nodes in the Backdrop no matter what.