Duplicate Channel

  • Where to find it:

    • Channels Palette / Right Mouse Click
    • Main Window / Channels
    • Main Window / Extension Pack / Channels

  • Shortcut: (unassigned, use "Edit / Shortcuts" to assign)

Duplicate Channel allows you to create a true duplicate of your channel, with all sharing recreated correctly - both in Channels authored

in the Layerstack and in the Nodegraph.

Mari's Default Copy + Paste way of duplicating a channel so far has not been able to provide this functionality

causing duplication of a channel to involve a lot of manual work recreating shared connections correctly.

Duplicate Channel turns this into a one-click process.

General Behavior

    • Channel Layers will be linked to original shared channel and channel duplication is avoided.

    • Channel external sharing of Layers (layers from 3rd channel shared into source channel) 

is maintained and direct links to 3rd channel are restored in duplicated channel

    • Channel Internal sharing of layers from one point of its layerstack to another is kept without 

referencing the original source channel.

    • Mixed or combined Internal & External Sharing is maintained without referencing original

source channel

Nodegraph Specific Behavior

Channels authored partially or fully in the Nodegraph undergo a series of checks since it is not always apparent what shared parts of a network

should be duplicated.

    • Nodes used in more than one Channel will not be duplicated. The duplicated channel will retain its connections to the original node chain

that is used in multiple channels

    • Nodes attached to Radio Nodes will only be duplicated if the nodes are not used in multiple channels.

    • If a Radio Transmitter Node is somewhere connected to a Channel (either in a Nodegraph only or hybrid Layer/Nodegraph workflow),

creating a channel duplicate will always treat the Radio Transmitter as a shared resource between the two channels.