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Nodegraph Bookmarks by Jens Kafitz

The Nodegraph Bookmark System is a combination out of Nodes and Menu actions interacting with these nodes allowing you to jump

to positions in your Nodegraph.


Bookmark Node


The Bookmark Node is a custom node with its only purpose being to act as an identifier in the Nodegraph that the Menu Actions can find.

You can connect it as part of a Node chain just as any other node ...


.. or leave it sitting in your nodegraph without any connection

Cycle through Bookmark Position


By utilizing the Cycle Foward and Cycle Backwards commands you are able to jump your nodegraph view to the different bookmark nodes available in your current graph tab.

Jump to Bookmark


By utilizing the Bookmark interface and choosing a bookmark using the arrow keys and RETURN or a mouse double click

you can directly jump to a bookmark.

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