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Image by Jens Kafitz

The 'Image' Node or Layer can be used to load an Image in the Layerstack or Nodegraph.

It is a stripped down version of a Mari 'Tiled' Node without the UV Transformation options

that the 'Tiled' Node offers and is thereby a faster node in itself.

It can be used together with the 'Manifold UV' Node in the Nodegraph to turn it into a full 'Tiled' Node again.

Intro Video


Node Connections

The 'Manifold' connection can be used to feed in a coordinate system to evaluate the Image on.

Possible Nodes to attach to are 'UV' & 'Manifold UV' for example

Node Properties


Drag & Drop an image from the image manager or outside of Mari or use the Browse Button

to browse for one.


The Filtering Method used for the loaded Image

If the Filter Method is set to 'Anisotropic' this will determine the amount of filtering when the image is

viewed at grazing angles

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