Constant Presets (White, Grey, Black)

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Constant Presets by Jens Kafitz

During Texturing you will find you will constantly require a solid black, white or grey layer - as a base for masks, for

displacements etc.

The following three handy preset constants make creating a solid layer easier than having to create a color node each time

and manually setting it.

Save time by using the QuickFind Menu

Mari's Layerpalette has a feature similar to Nukes Quick Finder.

Press Shortcut 'TAB' and start typing. Pressing ENTER with the QuickFinder

empty will create a new Paint Layer.

Black Constant

A simple black layer with value 0.0

Grey Constant

A simple grey layer with value 0.498 (for use as displacement midpoint)

White Constant

A simple white layer with value 1.0

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