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Vibrance by Jens Kafitz

The Vibrance Adjustment increases saturation on colors. Other than a regular Saturation Filter it works based

on a curve - saturating colors with lower saturation first before moving on to higher saturated colors.

This helps unifying overall saturation without value clipping.



Vibrance determines the exponential gain on the saturation that is being added to colors..

Higher Vibrance will saturate colors with originally low saturation more.

Saturation determines the maximim saturation that is added to original colors.

Multiplier is a multiplication on the Vibrance Slider.

Desaturate will invert the behavior of the node and start desaturating colors.

Higher saturated original colors will get desaturated more than lower saturated colors.


Saturation Curve represents the curve along which colors are saturated. You can modify it to change the saturation relationships

between high,medium and low saturation of colors.

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