Manifold Vector Warp

  • Where to find it: (This Node is available in the Nodegraph only)

    • NodeGraph / Right Mouse Click / Add Nodes / Manifold / 

Manifold Vector Warp can be used to warp 2d or 3d space coordinates with a Normal Map to achieve distortion effects in patterns, images and procedurals

Warping can be performed on UVs or 3D Position Data depending on what is fed into the Manifold port of the Node


For a complete tutorial on all Manifolds check here:

Node Overview

Examples of warping an image Node (with UV Coordinates fed in) ) and a Axis Projection (with 3d coordinates fed in) with a normal map

Node Ports

  • Manifold (UV/3D)

When this connection is mapped in the Nodegraph it will overwrite the coordinate system used by the Node.

By default, if the Manifold Handle is unmapped the Node will use your Objects UV Data.

You can for example attach a 'UV' Node here or even another Manifold Node (Manifold UV, Manifold 3D, Manifold by Locator etc.)

  • Normal Map

The Normal Map used for warping

Node Properties


  • Vector Intensity

The Warp Intensity

  • Vector Intensity Multiplier

A multiplier on the Intensity to have customizable slider range

Separate Channel Control

By clicking on the 'S' Button next to a slider you can enter separate values per axis