Illegal Value Warning

  • Where to find it:

    • Add Adjustment Layer / Extension Pack / Utils / 

    • NodeGraph / Right Mouse Click / Nodes / Filter / Extension Pack / Utils /

NANs are infinite Values introduced by corrupted pixels in textures.

They can be time consuming to fix and cause havoc in rendering.

Node needs to be used in the Nodegraph

The FIX NAN Node Adjustment needs to be hooked in via the Nodegraph. 

NANs break any blending mode math therefore the Node will not fix any bad pixels when used in the Layerstack.


Node Overview

Node Ports

  • Input

The Input should be connected to a part of the nodegraph producing/resulting in NANs

  • Replace with

Overwriting the 'Replace Nans with' Color selection in the Node properties, this port allows you to

feed in another node. The Output of the node will be used as the new color for the pixels previously

containing NANs.

Node Properties

  • Replace Nans with

The Color to replace NANs with.