Duplicate & Flatten

  • Where to find it:

    • Channels Palette / Right Mouse Click
    • Main Window / Channels
    • Main Window / Extension Pack / Channels

  • Shortcut: (unassigned, use "Edit / Shortcuts" to assign)

Duplicate & Flatten allows you to batch flatten multiple channels.

What happens to Shared Layers & Channels ?  

Sharing is maintained in the original unflattened Channel

This can be useful to improve performance on large layerstacks without loosing the original channels.



Filtering options at the top of the dialog allow you to search through the list of Channels

  • Deactivate the filter by clicking on the Magnifying Glass

  • Search for multiple words by separating them with a comma (,)

  • Search in Case Sensitive or Case Insensitive Mode

  • Search for matching or non matching words


  • List all Objects

List all Objects will show all Channels from all Objects in your Project

  • Duplicate then flatten Duplicate

The selected channel will be duplicated and the duplicated channel will be flattened

  • Duplicate then flatten Original

A 1:1 duplicate (including sharing intact) of the selected channel will be created, then the original channel will be


  • Rename Original

Will suffix the name of the original channel with the given string

  • Rename Duplicate

Will suffix the name of the duplicated channel with the given string