Drag & Drop Color Node/Layer Creation

  • Where to find it:

    • Shelf Palette
    • Image Manager Palette

Feature requires Mari 4.7 or higher

Node/Layer from Image

Drag & dropping an Image from the Shelf or Image Manager into the Nodegraph or Layerstack, will  let you choose which node to use the image in.

To make it a quick process for common nodes, the most used ones are mapped to quick access Hotkeys (Number Keys 1,2,3,4 etc.)

Node/Layer from Color Swatch

Dragging a Color Swatch from the Shelf into the Nodegraph or Layerstack will automatically create a Color Node/Layer for you.

Tool Switching

Dragging an image from the Shelf to the Mari Canvas will automatically switch to the Paint Through Tool and set the dragged image as the

Projection Image.

While Mari by default sets the  Projection image with this action, without Extension pack it will not auto-activate the Paint Through Tool

Environment Light Switching

Dragging a .exr or .hdr file from the Shelf to the Mari Canvas will allow you to select its usage:

  • As Paint Through Image
  • As Environment Light

If using it as an Environment Light, it will replace your current Environment Light.

If the Environment Light is turned off, it will turn out automatically.

The pop up will only appear if your current Tool is not the Paint Through Tool


All the different behavior shown above can be disabled via the Allow Drag & Drop Handling in the Misc Tab of the Mari Preferences.

If off, Extension Pack will not handle the associated drag & drop events.