Shelf Window - UI Overview

The Shelf Window looks slightly different depending on which context it was launched from


Tabs are the visual representations of Folders on your hard disc.You can add as many tabs as you wish to organize your presets.

By default The Mask Shelfs have two Tabs

    • Smart Masks

Smart Masks are presets for creating procedural edge wear and weathering effects using Ambinet Occlusion and Curvature

    • Proedurals

Procedurals are non-destructive nodes and generators for patterns, grunges etc.

The tabs 'Smart Masks' and 'Procedurals' are locked by default but can be unlocked via the Preferences

Tab Controls

Buttons in the upper right corner of the Window interact with the Tabs - adding, renaming, thumbnail size and display mode

  • Create a new Tab


Allows you to add a new Tab to the Mask Shelf

A dialog will appear asking you to specify a Tab Name and a Save Location on Disc:

    • Tab Names need to be unique

    • The Destination Path can be a path from an existing tab in which case you get a duplicate

    • The Destination Path can be shared by multiple people, allowing you to have a shared folder where added content updates for all team members

Tabs can be added for all members of team globally using an Environment Variable

  • Create new Tab from Filter


Allows you to add a new Tab from the currently active Tab Filter.

A new dialog will appear asking to specify a Tab Name.

    • Tab Names need to be unique

  • Delete current Tab


Removes the current Tab. Only the Tab is removed, not the presets on disc in the Save Location of the Tab.

This way you can at any time restore the Tab.

  • Rename current Tab


Renames the current Tab

  • Switch Preset View Mode


Presets in a Tab can be grouped together.

The Preset View Mode determines if items are shown grouped or 'exploded'

  • Icon Size


Determines the Icon Size of Presets


35x35 px


58x58 px


90x90 px


125x125 px


200x200 px


400x400 px




The Filter Bar allows to filter the current preset tab.

  • Clear Filter

Removes the Filtering from the Filtering Field

  • Filter Field

Filter the current Tab. Filtering is done by:

    • Preset Name
    • Preset Tags

Tags can be defined in the

Filtering Operators are 

    • Comma (,)____________

Separate multiple search terms or search term operators via a comma. If any of the terms in found the preset is displayed

e.g.: Scratches,2d,cracks will display any preset that has 'Scratches', '2d' or 'cracks' in its name or tags

    • Plus (+)_____________

The Plus (+) operator stipulates a combination of terms that are required to be a filter match

e.g.: Scratches+2d will display any preset that has both 'Scratches' and '2d' in its name or tags

    • Exclamation Mark (!)_____________

The Exclamation Mark  (!) operator excludes a search term


      • Search String 'Axis' will give you the two presets Axis Mask and Axis Projection as a search result
      • Search String 'Axis+!Projection'  will give you only Axis Mask as a search result, since the Term 'Projection' is marked to be exlcuded.

You can combine operators e.g. Scratches+2d+!Vertical,cracks+3d will display any preset that has 

    • 'Scratches' and '2d' in its name or tags but only if it doesn't contain 'Vertical'
    • 'cracks' and '3d' in its name or tags

You can easily create a new tab from the result of the filtering using the Create new Tab from Filter Button

Preset Group Contents

The Group Section of the Mask Shelf shows presets under the currently selected Group in the Main Preset Section.

Presets are only shown grouped if the Preset View Mode is set to 'Show Presets Grouped'

Groups, Presets belong to can be set in the 

Main Preset Section

The Main Preset Section houses Presets. Right Mouse Clicking on Presets opens a context menu

Shelf Location

The Shelf Location displays 

    • the current Tab's Save Location on Disc
    • allows the reloading of the current Shelf

Preset Interaction

The Preset Interaction Section of the Mask provides options to create new presets, import presets into Mari and launch Preset Specific

Bake Options.

For more information refer to the Working with Presets Page of this Documentation

Additional Shelf Options


Tags allow you to define search terms for Presets that the Filtering Mechanism can discover.

Tags can be defined in the 

Tags are displayed in the Tooltip of a Preset when the Mouse is above the Preset

Certain Tags trigger a change to the Preset Icon:

    • Tag 'UV' or 'uv' adds a '2D' Indicator in the corner of the Preset Icon  

    • Tag '2d' or '2D'  adds a '2D' Indicator in the corner of the Preset Icon

    • Tag '3d' or '3D'  adds a '3D' Indicator in the corner of the Preset Icon

    • Tag 'random' or 'Random' adds a 'Randomness' Indicator in the corner of the Preset icon  

Shelf Preferences to Unlock Default Tabs

By default the two default tabs 'Smart Masks'  and 'Procedurals' are locked meaning that you can't add, delete or change presets saved there.

The two locked Tabs and one unlocked, custom tab

A Preference is available to unlock these Tabs.

    • Go to the Edit Menu in the Mari Main Window
    • Open Preferences
    • Go to the Misc Tab
    • Scroll to the Shelf Group
    • Tick Unlock Mask Shelf Tabs on

Making changes in the default Tabs cannot be undone without reinstalling Extension Pack !

Reset Shelf Size and Position

The Size and Position of the Shelf Window is saved between sessions. If you ever need to reset its size and position to the default

go to

    1. Scripts Menu in Mari Main Window
    2. Choose either
      • Nodegraph / Masks / Reset Mask Shelf Size and Position
      • Layers / Reset Mask Shelf Size and Position

Shelf Environment Variables to add Tabs for all Team Members

While adding Tabs manually is easy enough to do, maybe you want to set up a shared shelf for all your team members.

The easiest way to do this is by setting a global environment variable that will automatically add a Tab to all your team's shelves.

The Environment Variable to set is called MARI_EP_SMART_MASK_FOLDER and supports multiple paths separated with a semi-colon


MARI_EP_SMART_MASK_FOLDER = \server\library\generalPresets;\server\ourProject\projectPresets

will create two Tabs:

    • a tab called 'generalPresets' pointing to  \server\library\generalPresets
    • a tab called 'projectPresets' pointing to \server\ourProject\projectPresets

Preset Context Menu

If you right click on any preset you get a context menu with a number of options and information.

Default Tabs have many options disabled by default unless you unlock them

The right mouse click context menu for a preset and a preset group

Preset Name and Last Modified

  • Preset Name

Displays the current selection's preset name, or if a group is selected, the group name

  • Preset Modification Date

Displays the last time this preset was updated

Set Preview

  • Set Preview from File

Allows you to select an image file from disc to use as a Preview for the currently active preset.

Preset Preview Files should not exceed 400x400 pixels

  • Set Preview from Snapshot

Allows you to set a snapshot of your Mari Viewport as a Preset Preview.

Show in File Browser

Will open the Save Location of the currently selected Preset in a File Browser


With a Preset selected the dialog allows you to 

With a Group selected the dialog allows you to 

    • Rename a Group

Copy to other Tab

Copies the currently selected preset to another Tab.

The two default presets 'Smart Masks' and 'Procedurals' cannot be copy targets

Move to other Tab

Moves the currently selected preset to another Tab.

The two default presets 'Smart Masks' and 'Procedurals' cannot be move targets

Delete Preset

Deletes the currently selected preset

The preset will be permanently deleted from disc

Update from selection

This option is only available in the Nodegraph Context

Replaces the contents of the currently selected preset with the selected Nodes in the Nodegraph.

Preset Name, Tags, Grouping and Preview Thumbnail are maintained.


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