• Where to find it:

    • Add Adjustment Layer / Extension Pack / Color Correction / 

    • NodeGraph / Right Mouse Click / Nodes / Filter / Extension Pack / Color Correction / 

The Vibrance Adjustment increases saturation on colors. Other than a regular Saturation Filter it works based

on a curve - saturating colors with lower saturation first before moving on to higher saturated colors. 

This helps unifying overall saturation without value clipping.

Node Overview

Node Properties



  • Vibrance

Vibrance determines the exponential gain on the saturation that is being added to colors..

Higher Vibrance will saturate colors with originally low saturation more.

  • Saturation

Saturation determines the maximum saturation that is added to original colors.

  • Multiplier

Multiplier is a multiplication on the Vibrance Slider.

  • Desaturate

Desaturate will invert the behavior of the node and start desaturating colors.

Higher saturated original colors will get desaturated more than lower saturated colors.


  • Saturation Curve

Saturation Curve represents the curve along which colors are saturated. You can modify it to change the saturation relationships

between high,medium and low saturation of colors.