'Transform Selected Object' Tool Properties

  • Where to find it:

    • 'Transform Selected Object' Tool / Tool Properties Toolbar

New options were added to the 'Tool Properties' Toolbar of the Transform Selected Object Tool.

You can find them by activating the 'Transform Selected Object' Tool (), then going to its Tool Properties Toolbar.

Differences between Mari 4.8 and previous versions

In Versions below Mari 4.8 the new UI Elements will only appear if the user manually selects the Transform Selected Object Tool. 

It will not appear if Mari sets the Tool active for example via the 'p' button next to locators inside of Nodes.

In these cases you will need to switch to a different tool, then back to the Transform Selected Object Tool to see it.
From Mari 4.8 onwards the new UI Elements are there regardless

Gizmo Size

You can now adjust the size of Transform Locators in the viewport by adjusting the Locator Size Spinbox.

This is a copy of the attribute 'Locator Size' in the Mari Preferences / Misc / Appearance group

Gizmo Angle Snapping

    Feature only available in Mari 4.7 or higher 

The Stepping Angle determines the increments Mari rotates and moves the Gizmo in, when CTRL is pressed down.

Align to View

Align to View is a powerful and easy way to rotate a locator to your current view. It only works with Locators, not Objects.

The locator will be placed at the edge of the objects bounding box, on a line between the Camera Position and the Camera 'Look at' target

Edit Matrix

A new 'Edit Matrix' Option in the Toolbar allows you to edit the Transformation Matrix of the current Object or Locator and reset it.

This is a first step to numerical transformation control. In the future it is planned to expose proper XYZ Transformation

By pressing on the 'R' Button in the lower left corner of the dialog you can reset the Matrix to its default.

Pressing the "R" Button again will toggle back to the previous values.