Selection Fill by Jens Kafitz

  • Where to find it:

    • Add Procedural Layer / Geometry / Extension Pack /

    • NodeGraph / Right Mouse Click / Add Nodes / Geometry / Extension Pack /

Selection Fill will fill your current selection with the color specified in the node.

Your current selection is determined by Mari's Selection Mode, such as Object, Patches or Faces:

The node will update the selection continuously based on the current one until it is 'baked' by choosing

'Convert to Paintable' or the channel it is in is flattened.

Filling a selection on the fly


If after running 'Convert to Paintable' you are seeing faint seams between UV Shells, run a Patches/Bleed Patch Edges on your layer

Node Overview

Node Properties



  • Fill Color

The color to fill the current selection with


  • Fill Unselected

If on, the node will fill the unselected areas of your model with the Unselected Color. 

Otherwise unselected areas will remain transparent

  • Unselected Color

The color to fill the currently unselected areas with if Fill Unselected is enabled