Saving a template

  • Where to find it:

    • Main Window / File / Project Templates

Saving a new template is done via the Save Project Template Option in the Templates Menu


The Save Template Dialog is split into two sections (Template Creation & Import Defaults), which you can navigate inbetween by clicking the vertical splitter button

shown below:


Template Creation Settings

  • New Template Name

Specify the name of the new Template. Names need to be unique within the Template Save Path, meaning no two Templates can be named the same.

Templates can be renamed later on using the Manage Template Dialog.

  • Save selected Nodes only

By default a template will save all node in your Project into the Template.

By ticking on this option, only selected Nodes in your Main Nodegraph will be saved.

  • Save Paint Data

By default a template will not save any Paint Data from Paint Layers and Paintable Nodes.

By ticking on this option, Paint Data will be saved into the Project Template

  • Description

Provide a Description for the Template.

Templates Descriptions can be changed later on using the Manage Template Dialog.

Preferred Import Settings

A template will always save the following data regardless of user choice in this dialog

    • Nodes (all or selected only depending on selection in Template Creation Settings)
    • Light Rigs (Light Orientation, Intensity etc.)
    • Projectors
    • View Configuration (Grid Visibility, Background Image, current Shader Mode, Camera Angle etc.)
    • Project Preferences (Snapshot of Mari Preferences from Edit / Preferences)

By configuring the Default Import Settings you can choose which Settings will be used by default when importing a Template.

These settings can always be changed later on via the Manage Templates Dialog.

  • Nodes

Determines if Nodes will be imported into a project

  • Light Rig

Determines if the general Light Rig will be restored (e.g. Environment Light Image, Light Positions, Intensity etc.)

  • Projectors

Determines if the cameras/projectors will be restored

  • View Configuration

Determines if the Viewport Settings and camera position states are restored

In general all elements of the Viewport / Right Mouse Click / Display properties are restored as well as the current Shader Mode

and Camera Angle.

  • Preferences

Determines if certain Preferences are restored. You can choose to restore all or only selected Preference categories.

Template Save Location

The Location where Templates are stored is determined by a setting in the Mari Preferences / Paths Tab found in the Edit Menu. 

By default the Template Save path will be located in the same location as your mari configuration files.

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