Reload Paint & Images

  • Where to find them: 

    • NodeGraph / Right Mouse Click / File / 

    • Main Window / Extension Pack / Nodegraph / File

  • Shortcut (Nodegraph Only):  CTRL+F5 

A new 'Reload Paint' Option has been added to the Nodegraph Right Mouse Click menu. It serves multiple functions

    • Reloading Paint Node Image Data from their Path on Disc
    • Reloading Image Manager Files for Nodes with Images
    • Reloading Bake Point Data fed into a Node via a 'Bake Point Image' Port
    • Reloading Geo Channels of selected Geo Channel Nodes

Reload Paint from Paint Nodes

If you use 'Reload Paint' on a Paintable Node, that previously had data imported from an external Source on your Hard Disc (using 'Import Paint' or similar), the Paint will be reimported

from the original Location.

Reload Images used in Node

If the selected Node has Image Attributes with Images assigned, the Image(s) used will be reloaded from Disc in the Image Manager and the currently selected Node 

and all other Nodes using the image will be updated

Reload Bake Point Images

If the selected Node has 'Bake Point Image'  Node Ports with a Bake Point attached, Reload Paint will pull the latest UDIM 1001 from the Bake Point into the Image Attributes

of the selected Node. If the Bake Point is not baked, Reload Paint will also bake the bake point with 'Whole Patch Project' Option turned on.

Reload Geo Channels

If the selected Node is a Geo Channel Node, the chosen Geo Channel will be reloaded.