Normal Format Utilities

  • Where to find them:

    • NodeGraph / Tab Menu

The only way to create Normal Format Utility Nodes is via the Nodegraph Tab Search field.

This was done on purpose to not clutter up menus

Normal Utility nodes are meant to help with building user friendly Material Controls.

Currently there are two Utility nodes available that can work together:

Example of the Normal Format Switch and Normal Format Converter

Normal Format Switch - Node Overview

The Normal Format Switch outputs the 'Image Type' Selection as a value on its 'Normal Format' Output Port

Normal Format Converter -  Node Overview 

The Normal Format Converter converts a normal map between OpenGl and DirectX Format given the information received on the

Normal Format port.

The Node's behavior is similar to the Normal OpenGl|DirectX Node however the Normal Format Converter is aware of what Format

the supplied Normal Map is in and only will convert if the Convert to Node Property is different than the Normal Map's current Format.

Node Outputs

  • Normal Map

The Converted Normal Map

  • Normal Format

The Output Normal Format as a Number. This can for example be read by the Normal Rotate node

    • 0 - DirectX
    • 1 - OpenGl

Node Ports

  • Normal Map

The Normal Map Input stream to convert

  • Normal Format

A value indicating what the current format of the Normal Map is.

This value is usually derived from the Normal Format Switch Node

Node Properties

  • Convert to

Specify what Format to convert the Normal Map to.

A conversion is only performed if the selected Format is different than the Normal Format supplied via the Normal Format Node Port.