Normal Edge

  • Where to find it:

    • Add Adjustment Layer / Extension Pack / Normal Map /

    • NodeGraph / Right Mouse Click / Nodes / Filter / Extension Pack / Normal Map /

The Normal Edge Adjustment Layer will detect curvature & edges from layers below the adjustment, such

as a tangent space normal map. 

It will not detect curvature or edges from your model, use the Mari 'Curvature' Node for that instead.


Due to MARI & OpenGL limitations Edge from Normal Map does not average the values between

individual pixels at the moment.This results in a tesselated/pixelated look.

It is recommended to flatten the node (by using channel/flatten, layer/merge or layer/clone & merge) and apply a Gaussian Blur to filter the mask.


Node Overview

Node Properties



  • Curvature

Determines the threshold on the curvature. Curvature is evaluated as absolute values meaning there is no difference

between concave and convex curvature being made.

  • Min Curvature Variation

Determines the minimum difference of the normal between neighboring pixels that will cause an edge to be evaluated

  • Intensity

A multiplier on mask.

  • Invert

Inverts the result of the mask - black becomes white and white versa.

Extra Attributes

  • Hard Edged

Hard Edged Mode will clip any grayscale values giving you a 2-value mask - pure black & pure white.

  • Attenuate by AO

Attenuate by Ambient Occlusion will multiply your Curvature and Intensity Sliders by Mari's Ambient Occlusion.

You will most likely have to adjust the Intensity to compensate.

Generate Ambient Occlusion

'Attenuate by Ambient Occlusion' relies on Maris pre-generated occlusion to work.

Generate Object Occlusion via the OBJECTS Menu first.