Environment Map Import

  • Where to find it:

    • Shelf Palette

Feature requires Mari 4.7 or higher


Extension Pack allows you to easily switch the active Environment Light Map by dragging and EXR or HDR file to the canvas.

Extension Pack will automatically create shelves containing Environment Maps for you.

While Extension Pack does not ship with its own Environment Maps it will by default create Links for

  • MARI's own HDRIs
  • HDRIs from common other Texturing applications, if found on your computer (e.g. Adobe Substance Painter, Adobe Substance Designer)

In addition any Folder specified in the Paths / Environments Section of the Mari Preferences (Edit / Preferences) will be imported

Environment Variables

Extension Pack automatically creates an Environment shelf, that gets filled with some standard HDRIs such as

    • Mari's Standard HDRIs from its Install directory
    • HDRIs from Folders specified in the Preferences / Paths / Envrionments Tab

Extension Pack automatically adds certain paths from other applications (e.g Substance Painter or Substance Designer) to the

Preferences Path tab, so if you have these applications installed, their HDRIs also get added to the Shelf

There are some Environment Variables to control these behaviors


... if 'True' or '1' Extension Pack will not automatically add Mari's own HDRI's to the Shelf


... if 'True' or '1' Extension Pack will not automatically add 3rd Party HDRI paths to the Preferences / Paths / Envrionments Tab