Dots 2D by Nicholas Breslow, Jens Kafitz

  • Where to find it:

    • Add Procedural Layer / Procedural / Extension Pack / Pattern /

    • NodeGraph / Right Mouse Click / Add Nodes / Procedural / Extension Pack / Pattern /

This Node is also available as a Triplanar Version

Dots 2D creates circular patterns. Pattern generation is done based on UV Space so there will be seams between tiles and uv shells.

With the help of the included remapping you can create more complex patterns.

Simple chain mail pattern created using 3 Dot 2D Nodes


Node Overview

Node Ports

  • Manifold (UV)

Overwrite the default UVs used with custom uvs (for example through a Manifold UV Node).

This can be used to control UV settings from a separate node entity

  • Scale

Control the Scale of the result. Overwrites Scale Slider

  • Gradient Start

Control the Gradient Start. Overwrites Start Slider

  • Gradient End

Control the Gradient Start. Overwrites End Slider

Node Properties



  • Scale

Scale of each shape. Decreasing shape size increases gap size between shapes.

  • Repeat

The number of dots to draw horizontally and vertically.


  • Shape Color

Color of each dot.

  • Background Color

Color of area around dots.


  • Start 

The Value range up to which Background Color is drawn.

  • End

The Value representing the full Shape Color.

  • Falloff

Remap Curve against the final result.



  • UV Rotation

Rotating in degrees. Pivot is the center of each UV Tile / UDIM.

  • U Offset

Translates dots horizontally in UV Space.

  • V Offset

Translates dots vertically in UV Space.

  • U Repeat

Multiplier against 'Repeat' for the number of dots drawn horizontally in UV Space.

  • V Repeat

Multiplier against 'Repeat' for the number of dots drawn vertically in UV Space.