Checker 2D by Jens Kafitz

  • Where to find it:

    • Add Procedural Layer / Procedural / Extension Pack / Pattern /

    • NodeGraph / Right Mouse Click / Add Nodes / Procedural / Extension Pack / Pattern /

This Node is also available as a Triplanar Version

Checker 2D creates a simple 2 colored checkerboard pattern.

Node Overview

Node Ports

  • Manifold (UV)

Overwrite the default UVs used with custom uvs (for example through a Manifold UV Node).

This can be used to control UV settings from a separate node entity

Node Properties



  • Repeat

The number of checker squares to draw horizontally and vertically.


  • Color A/B

The two colors of the checkerboard. Transparency is supported.



  • U Repeat

Multiplier against 'Repeat' for the number of rows drawn horizontally in UV Space.

  • V Repeat

Multiplier against 'Repeat' for the number of columns drawn vertically in UV Space.

  • UV Rotation

Rotating in degrees. Pivot is the center of each UV Tile / UDIM.

  • U Offset

Translates  horizontally in UV Space.

  • V Offset

Translates vertically in UV Space.

  • Per UDIM Pivot

Affects the transformation pivot for UV Transforms

With PerUDIMPivot on all transformation will be performed with a pivot at the centre of each UDIM.

With PerUDIMPivot off, transformations for all UDIMs share one common pivot at the base of UDIM 1001.

This will ensure seamless textures across UDIMs when your UV Shell is scaled up and covering multiple UDIMs.

without a cut inbetween.

Sample UV Transformations applied to multiple UDIMs with perUDIM Pivot On (left) and off (right).