Registering new openGl Functions

New openGl functions can be registered with Mari's Shader API

Adding functions

glslc & glslh files are automatically registered when placed inside the following folder structure


fileFunctionName.glslc -- This is the equivalent of a source file

fileFunctionName.glslh -- This is the equivalent of a header file 




Descriptive Function Names

A xml 'ModuleNames.xml' is located under 


Within this file you are able to specify an alias for your FunctionLibrary Module, that is displayed to the user in the Python Console Loading Message

on Mari Startup


<MultiFractal>Multi Fractals</MultiFractal>

The module 'MultiFractal.glslc' receives a prettyName 'Multi Fractals'

Existing Functions

Existing Functions can be found in the Function Overview Section of this SDK