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RELEASE: May 6th, 2021

BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE TO: Extension Pack 5 + 5 R2 | R3 | R4 | R5

MINIMUM REQUIREMENT (for Mari 4.x):  MARI 4.1v2

RECOMMENDED:  MARI 4.7v1 or higher

MARI NON-COMMERCIAL is not supported due to restrictions by the Foundry



 New Feature       Feature Update       Feature available in Nodegraph only        Feature requires Mari 4.7 or higher  


  • Extension Pack 5 R6, the 5th free update of the Extension Pack 5 Series, introduces a powerful baking Bridge to Substance┬« and continued bugfixing.

 For a full overview of the features released in Extension Pack 5 see each dedicated release notes.


Substance Baker Bridge

The Substance Baker Bridge gives access to the Industry Leading, highspeed Baking Toolset of Substance 3d by Adobe┬« from within Mari.

Key Features of the Substance Baker Bridge include:

    • Ultra fast baking of Ambient Occlusion, Curvature, Thickness and many more via Substance Automation Toolkit.
    • Full GPU Acceleration where available, fast CPU baking otherwise
    • 15 different Bakers
    • Per Baker Override settings (e.g. udim range, resolution etc.)
    • Bake Previews
    • direct import of results into Mari
    • highres to lowres Baking and mesh-linking (e.g. you only want to get occlusion from a couch onto the floor but not the walls)

The Substance Automation Toolkit (SAT) is a 3rd party software, not included with Extension Pack or MARI.

It is part of a Substance3D subscription (Indie,Pro,University) or can be licensed separately (Enterprise).

Paint Through Image Flip

Convenience Buttons to flip your Paint Through Image in X or Y have been added to the Paint Through Toolbar


Image Manager Drag & Drop

  • Dragging multiple selected images from the Image Manager into either Nodegraph or Layerstack and selecting a Nodetype from the

Extension Pack Node Type Chooser, will now create one Node/Layer per Image


Project Templates

  • Unticking the 'Clear Existing Nodegraph' Option in the Import Project Template had no effect, and even when off, the existing nodegraph was still removed

Unreal Advanced Shader

MultiMixer X4 / X8

slider values compared to a merge node was producing a different opacity


  • If you have previously downloaded the Help Files for offline usage you should replace it with the new one using the method described here