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Text Generator by Jens Kafitz

Mari Extension Pack adds a Text Generation Tool to Mari:


Text Generation Options

Text Generation Mode

Before you start to generate Text, you need to decide if you want the text created directly in the Paint Buffer or as a Paint Through Image.

Your prefered way of generating text is saved for future uses.

Paint Through Image

in the Viewport

and set as Paint Through Image

of the Set Project Paths Tool, also included in Extension Pack.

Paint Buffer

Buffer in the VIewport


The Resolution field determines the Image Resolution of the generated Text.

       Image Resolution vs Paint Buffer Resolution

Don't forget to change it back when you are done, to the resolution you want to continue working in !

Screen Space Text Size

The Screen Space Text Size dynamically scales your font size up and down, to maintain the same size of the generated text

on screen between resolutions.

This allows you to work for example in 512x512 for fast Text Generation Mode, and then scale up to 2048x2048 in the end

while the result (font size, spacing etc.) stays the same on screen.

Screen Space Text Size is remembered between sessions

Work low, generate High

Generating a High resolution Image can take a second.

For fast iteration, work at low resolution, keep 'Screen Space Text Size' ticked on

and generate the final resolution when you are done


The Position specifies the position of your generated text in the image or paint buffer

Generation Mode Tool Options

Depending on your chosen method of Text Generation, additional options are available

Paint Through Image

When in PaintThrough Image Text Generation Mode, the Unique Filename allows you to specify the Filename used to load

the generated Image into the Paint Buffer.

By default, the Text Generator will keep overwriting the previous generated Image.

If you wish to keep a generated Text for future use in the Image Manager, change the Filename and the Tool will not overwrite

the old Image.

The Filename is remembered between sessions.

Paint Buffer

For convenience several Paint Buffer Actions are directly available in the UI

Text Tool Reset Paint Buffer vs Default Mari Reset Paint Buffer

Other than the default Mari Reset Paint Buffer available in the 'Transform Paint' Toolbar

the Text Tool's Reset Buffer resets Transformations to the State they were in when the

Text Tool dialog was launched

Text Style Options

General Information

The Text Style options give you the usual controls over your text with some Tool specific modifications

when generating text in the viewport


the number behind the cursor (in 1, 10, 100 Steps)

Text Style


Modify the font. All your installed fonts are shown

Font Style

Modify the font style such as Bold, Italic etc.

Font Size

Modify the font size.

increment the number behind the cursor (in 1, 10, 100 Steps)

Font Size Multiplicator

Multiplies the Font Size for all your document when generating the text. This allows you to work with large font sizes while still

seeing a reasonably sized preview in the text field.

increment the number behind the cursor (in 1, 10, 100 Steps)


Modify the Text Color

Bold / Italic

Sets font to Bold or Italic. This also affects the font style dropdown

Underlined, Overlined, Strike

Adds a line under, over or through your text

All Caps

Capilalizes your Font

Small Caps

Capilalizes your Font, but applies it in a non-capitalized size

Superscript / Subscript

Adds Text above or below the font baseline

Kerning on/off

Toggles Kerning for the current font family


Sets your Document Alignment to left, right or center

Letter Spacing

Modify the distance between individual Letters.

increment the number behind the cursor (in 1, 10, 100 Steps)

Font Stretching

Scale the font in X Axis

increment the number behind the cursor (in 1, 10, 100 Steps)

Font Stretching unavailable in Mari 3.x

Font Stretching is only available in Mari 4

Font Stretching only works with Font Sizes maxium 47

Font Stretching currently does not work with font sizes over 47.

This includes the font size multipliers and Screen Space Text Size.

E.g a Font Size of 47 with a multiplier of 2 will not work either

Word Spacing

Adjust the distance between words for your document

increment the number behind the cursor (in 1, 10, 100 Steps)

Writing System

Determines which fonts will be available in the Font Dropdown

Useful Shortcuts

Known Limitations

the original font color selection in the Text Tool.

This means that when you are using a viewport LUT other than sRGB (sRGB Aces etc.) the resulting color in the viewport

will be different from your color selection in the Text Tool.

This includes multipliers, so a Font Size of 47 with a multiplier of 2 will not work either

In these cases the Tool will be added to the Extension Pack Toolbar.

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