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Subdivide by Jens Kafitz

Subdivide when launched via the Menu / Objects Interface Entry allows you to batch subdivide multiple objects

instead of manually subdividing them one by one



Subdivide has two different UIs depending on where you launch it from.

If launched via the Object Menu you can choose what Geometry to subdivide or batch subdivide

multiple Geometries:

If launched via a right click on an object in the Object Palette you will be presented with

the standard Mari Subdivide Dialog. Only the currently clicked on object will be subdivided


Filtering options at the top of the dialog allow you to search through the list of Objects.


Mari is using openSubdiv for Subdivision which can differentiate between objects that are meant to be subdivided and

objects that are meant to stay unsubdivided via a tag on the object.

By toggling the Force Subdivision on Poly Shapes on (default) Mari will disregard these tags (especially if they are missing alltogether)

and subdivide all shapes.

Subdivision Tags

For information on how to make use of the per object tags please refer to this post:

Will switch the object to its new highest subdivision level after the processing has finished

How many times the geometry should be subdivided

Increased Subdivision Levels

Compared to Mari's default Subdivision Dialog, the maximum Subdivision in Extension Pack has

been increased from 3 to 5.

The geometric subdivision scheme to use.

The UV subdivision scheme to use

Interpolate Boundary Information

For some useful comparisons of openSubd, Mari and various

3rd party application implementations of UV smoothing take a look at this thread:

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