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Smart Rename Nodes


Smart Rename Nodes is a tool to automatically rename selected nodes.



Below are some examples that illustrate the behavior of the Smart Rename Tool.

When executed, the tool will rename all selected nodes to inherit the 'Metal Diffuse' part of the name.

So for example the result could then be 'Metal Diffuse [Gamma]', 'Metal Diffuse [HSV]' etc.

determination based on the first node downstream (on the right in a left to right nodeview).

So for example if you have Node selected as in th below sample, which has no further inputs upstream, the tool will rename based on the first node it is connected to,

Metal Diffuse [Gamma] in this case.

You can see in the first sample below the first upstream node of the selected Merge Node is a Bookmark Node 'MY BOOKMARK',

yet on renaming Smart Rename will inherit the Name of the first node before the Bookmark (Metal Diffuse [HSV]) ...

The name of the connected Node on the Radio Node is used for renaming (even if the connection is hidden). Also notice how in the case below despite the Radio Node being

selected as well, no renaming is performed on it.

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