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Reflectance to IOR by Antonio Neto

Reflectance to IOR will convert a Reflectance value to an IOR.

For example an IOR of 1.5 equals a reflectance value of 0.04 or 4% reflectance.

This can be useful if you are working with IOR Values in your shaders and only

have access to a surface's Reflectance Value (for example from various Internet resources such as


Node Overview

Node Ports

When the Manual Input option of the node is disabled you can feed in values from other layers or nodes

that will then be converted.

Node Properties

Manual Input

When ticked, the Node will no longer act as an adjustment layer, converting values fed in from other nodes

or layers. Instead it will output the converted value from the IOR Value entered via the Slider.

The Reflectance Value to convert when Manual Input is enabled

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