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Radio Node by Jens Kafitz


For a full overview of the Radio Node System click here

Radio Node System Overview

The Radio Node System is a combination of custom nodes for the Nodegraph and Menu actions interacting

with these Nodes.

The purpose of the System is to provide the option to hide connection lines between nodes in order to have

a cleaner Nodegraph with less intersecting lines.

Hiding and unhiding a connection to a radio node


Radio Node

The Radio Node is a custom node with its only purpose being to act as a 'dot' or 'connection' that can hide its input line.

You can connect its Output to another Node just like any other Nodegraph Node..

..and feed another node into its Input. The Radio Node does no processing.

It's only purpose is to pass through incoming information

Known Issues & Workaround: Nodes with multiple Outputs


Due to a limitation in current Mari API Versions, Nodes with more than one Output Port cause issues when any other Output than the first is directly connected to the Radio Node that is being toggled.

As a workaround insert a second radio node or dot node inbetween

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