Military Camo

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Military Camo by Antoni Kujawa, Jens Kafitz

Military Camo creates a simple camouflage pattern. By layering multiple nodes on top of each other (and setting one of the colors to transparent)

complex patterns can be achieved.

2 Military Camo Nodes layered together




The 3 Colors that make up the Camouflage Pattern. ColorA is the 'background', B & C the pattern.

Making a color slot transparent

You can remove one color by opening the color slot and setting its alpha value (transparency) to 0.


The Size/Frequency of the procedural

Determines the Spacing between Color B and Color C.

Changing Spacing on Military Camo:

Roughness sets the softness of the pattern outlines:

Changing Roughness on Military Camo:

A random start value for your fractal.

Changing the seed changes the overall look of your fractal while the general feature look stays the same,

allowing for quick variation with a general look theme.

Inverts the result of the noise. Inversion is done before color A, B and C are applied.


By default this procedural is generated in 3D World Space. This results in a seamless noise across UV seams.

By turning on UV Space the procedural is generated based on your UVs, resulting in seams between UV tiles/UDIM & uv shells.

Utilizing Transform Controls such as Scale (see below) you can apply a non-uniform transform to the procedural

to make use of specific UV layouts

Transform Scale

Will apply a scale along X,Y or Z to your noise. This is useful for creating patterns like woodgrain, drips etc.

When UV Space is turned on Scale Z is ignored.

Transform Rotate

Will apply a rotation in X,Y or Z to your noise. When UV Space is turned on Rotate X & Rotate Y are ignored

and rotation is done around the center of each UV Tile/UDIM using Rotate Z.

Transform Translate

Will apply an offset in X,Y or Z to your noise. When UV Space is turned on Translate Z is ignored.

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