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Channel Layers by Jens Kafitz, Ben Neall

A channel layer is the complete live output used from a second channel inside a layer stack.

This is useful to create re-usable building blocks or when you plan to export a mask to be used in your renderers shader.

MARI Extension Pack 3 R2 includes various options to simplify this process.

Sample of a Channel "Specular" shared into another Channel "Diffuse":


Add Channel Layer allows you to add another channel inside the current layer stack via a selection dialog:

You can choose to add multiple channel layers at once to your layerstack:


Add Channel Mask  will share the selected Channel into a Maskstack on the selected layer(s):

Result of a Channel "Specular" used as a Channel Mask on Layer "Color":

When the Option "Invert" is ticked in the Channel Mask selection dialog an additional Invert Adjustment will be added

over your channel layer:

Result of a Channel "Specular" used as a Channel Mask on Layer "Color" with option "Invert" turned on:

You can add one or multiple channel layer masks to multiple selected layers at once.

Add Channel Mask will apply several checks to your operation to determine what you might want to do:


Add grouped Channel Mask  is similar to Add Channel Mask but will group the selected layers first under one group and apply

the selected Channel Layer(s) as a mask to the Group:

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