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Adding new Tools

The Extension Pack UI Convention

Tools added by the Extension Pack are usually tightly integrated into the MARI UI and Menus.

However we do encourage you to place a copy of the Tool under the Common Script Directory

Folder Structure

Scripts should live in the Default Folder Structure for Tools


Registering new Scripts

Modules are imported via the located in your ~\Scripts\ExtensionPack_XvXX\Tools/ Folder...

.. then registered within the Custom_Scripts Class

Adding new Actions to Mari

Actions that are added as part of Mari Extension Pack should be added to the 'Mari Extension Pack'

Action path.

Instead of creating an action without a path

add a proper Path to it, starting with the Extension Pack identifier and defining a path reflecting the actions use

Adding new Scripts to the UI

UI elements are added via the file found in your  ~\Scripts\ExtensionPack_XvXX\Tools\ Folder...

As stated under UI Convention  items are placed once in the correct menu, once in the script menu.

In order for Menu Items to be correctly disabled when no project is open it is advisable to add them to the existing set

'RequiresProject'. The 'RequiresProject' set is ensured to be toggled on and off based on the project state.

Using the Extension Pack Shortcut System

While it is possible to define default shortcuts for actions just by using

doing that will always set your shortcut, no matter what the user wants.

If added like above, the user has no way to overwrite the shortcut with his own, because on launch Mari

will always set it to the shortcut defined by your script.

Mari Extension Pack has an existing system in place to handle shortcut assignments.

At the end of  the file located in your  ~\Scripts\ExtensionPack_XvXX\Tools\ Folder a section exists

to assign shortcuts to added actions

Shortcuts should be assigned via the

Function to ensure that User set Shortcuts are respected.

Blacklisting Modules, Files, Functions

To avoid clashing Versions caused by renamed files etc. a system is in place to detect modules and files

based on a blacklist and prompt the user to take action.

The Blacklist is contained in multiple variables in your file found in your ~\Scripts\ExtensionPack_XvXX\ Folder.

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