Mask Shelf

The primary purpose of the Mask Shelf is to store Layer and Node Network Presets.

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The Mask shelf can be loaded from two contexts - in each context the available options to interact with content will differ but the content

is the same.

Mask Shelf Content is the same in both contexts. Adding or removing a preset in one context applies to the other context as well

The first time you load a shelf in your current mari sessions loading will take longer to build thumbnails

Layer Stack Context:                                                       

  • Where to find it:

    • Layers Palette / Right Mouse Click / Mask Shelf
    • Main Window / Scripts / Layers / Mask Shelf

Nodegraph Context:                                                       

  • Where to find it:

    • NodeGraph / Right Mouse Click / Masks /  Mask Shelf
    • Main Window / Scripts / Nodegraph / Masks / Mask Shelf

Shortcut: S in Nodegraph (toggle to show/hide)

The Mask Shelf comes populated with a large number of presets by default.