I want to move the large Resources

Extension Pack contains a number of large Resources that result in high space usage and large number of files on disc.

It is possible to move the Extension Pack Resources to a location outside of your Extension Pack Installation Directory.

Please follow the steps below to move the Resources Folder

  1. Locate the 'Resources' Folder inside the Extension Pack Installation Directory

  1. Move the 'Resources' Folder to a different location

  1. Inside the 'ResourceLocator.json' File modify the Resources_Path key by changing its value from "Default" to for example the

full Path where you moved the Resources Folder to e.g. "/srv/library/3rdParty/ExtensionPack5/Resources".

Paths support the ~ sign to resolve a user directory e.g. "~/Mari/Resources'

  1. It is also possible to use Environment Variables in this field. To call an Environment Variable prefix the Variable name with a $ Sign.

Paths returned from an Environment Variable also support the ~ sign as part of the path to resolve a user directory

  1. Save the json file and restart mari

  1. To restore the Location to its standard value change the value of the Resources_Path key back to "Default"