'Unable to verify. License disabled or does not exist' Message during activation

If you are getting a 'Unable to verify license data' message with the Detail message

  • 'Unable to verify. License disabled or does not exist'

please check some of the solutions below.

Check if your Mari Extension Pack Folder is writable

At the time of Activation the Mari Extension Pack Installation Folder in your Scripts Path

needs to have full write permissions in order to unlock the installation.

Permissions can be reset to 'read only' if required after the activation completed.

Newer versions of Extension Pack will let often let you know if you have permission issues at the time of licensing but it can't hurt to check.

Check your provided license information

... because Typos happen. Be especially aware of any trailing SPACES after your email or license key

Check your internet connection

Certain License Types require an active internet connection to activate.

You can check if your license type is part of that list here.

You can run a test if your Mari can reach the Internet by using the 'Check Connection' Button in the Licensing Dialog.

Check if you have a conflicting License file on your system

Maybe you have installed Extension Pack previously with a different license key that is set via an Environment Variable ?

You can quickly check that inside the Mari Python console by executing the following command:

import os

lic = os.environ.get('MARI_EP_LICENSE_FILE_PATH')

print lic

A print out of 'None' in the upper part of the console is what you are after in this case.

Missing SSL Certificate

Maybe your error message is slightly different ('SSL Certificate Error prevented the license server from being reached'), indicating a problem with a SSL certificate ? If so check here for a solution

..and if nothing works

If you have completed the checks above and still experience issues please contact me.

Please include 

    • the email address you used on purchase
    • your serial number

After initial problem discussion I will ask you to