Where does Mari store its settings

Mari stores a lot of settings in a configuration file. 

Sometimes part of this configuration file can become corrupted leading to all sorts of odd behaviors inside Mari. 

Often times when experiencing unexplainable issues, it can be a good idea to test with a fresh config file.

To do that go to: 

  • Win \user\username\.mari\TheFoundry
  • Linux: ~/.config/TheFoundry   (~ refers to your home directory) 
  • Mac: ~/.config/TheFoundry    (~ refers to your home directory)

In there you will find a file called 

    • MariVERSION.conf (linux/mac)
    • MariVERSION.ini (windows)

       e.g. for Mari 4.6 v 1

      • Mari4.6v1.conf (linux/mac)
      • Mari4.6v1.ini (windows)

Rename that file and restart Mari to start with a fresh configuration file. 

Click NO is you are asked to import any previous configs in order to have a truly fresh start.(edited)

You can directly access your User Settings Folder via the Help Menu