My Python Console does not show any Extension Pack Message

Is all you are seeing in your python console something like this (2 lines) ? Then read on.

Solution 1

1.  Confirm in your Scripts Directory a file called exists.


2.  Confirm in your Scripts Directory a folder called MariExtensionPack_5 exists

3. Confirm the Folder Structure within the MariExtensionPack_5 Folder looks like this (Resources,Shaders,Tools)

Solution 2

It is possible that your MARI Installation assumes a different Script Directory by default

1. Open your Python Console

2. In the lower section paste the following command: print(mari.resources.path(mari.resources.USER_SCRIPTS))

3. Hit the 'Evaluate' Button

4. Confirm the printed path is the path where Extension Pack is installed (see Solution 1)