I do not have internet access on my machine

Standard Licenses such as

  • Indie License
  • Freelance License
  • Small Business Bundle*
  • Educational Site License

require internet access to verify the license. After a successful license verification, Extension Pack can be for a limited time used

without internet access, before it absolutely must get a successful internet verificationa gain.

For the Small Business Bundle this requirement can be deactivated after purchase. To do so please reach out to me directly.


  • Company Site License
  • World Wide Site License

the internet requirement is waived through a different licensing method, however you will still be asked to enter your license information once and if there

is an internet connection available, the license will be verified against the online server.

If you are experiencing longer than usual Mari Startup times please refer to this help topic for solutions

I only have limited internet access on my machine

Mari Extension Pack will need to least reach the domain gumroad.com to verify its license, in case Internet Connection is required.

If you have limited internet access, please ensure that domain is whitelisted.