Histogram Range

  • Where to find it:

    • Add Adjustment Layer / Extension Pack / Histogram / 

    • NodeGraph / Right Mouse Click / Nodes / Filter / Extension Pack / Histogram / 

  • Shotcut (Nodegraph Only): Shift + H

The Histogram Range Node allows you to adjust the range and position of the input histogram.

It acts like its counterpart in Substance Designer.


Node Overview

Node Properties



  • Range

Defines the width/range of the histogram.

If the value is over 1.0 some values might get pushed below 0.

  • Position

Defines the mid point position of the histogram


  • Clamp Intermediary

Clamps the internal calculation of the node to 0-1.

To understand better what this does think of the Node like a condensed Levels or Set Range Node.

The Clamp Intermediary will clamp the output of the first part of the calculation - the 'Input' Levels (on a levels node)

or 'Old Minimum' and 'Old Maximum' values (on a Set Range Node) to 0-1. 

  • Clamp Output

Clamps the Output of the node to a 0-1 range