Dynamic Locators

Some Nodes and Material Templates allow the user to assign a Locator to them to transform them in the viewport.

Example Node (Projection) allowing for assignments of Locators

If you switch to the 'Transform Tool' with a Node or Layer selected that supports Locator Assignments:

The Transform Tool in the Mari Tools Toolbar

    • If no Locator exist, Extension Pack will auto create one for you and switch to it in the Object Palette
    • If values already exist in the transform fields, this locator will inherit those values
    • If a Locator is already assigned Extension Pack will activate that Locator
    • If the Locator was created by Extension Pack, clicking on the original Object or switching Tools will remove the Locator

    • If the node node requires more than one locator to operate correctly a dialog will appear asking you which attribute
      to assign or inherit a locator from

Example of a node with more than one Locator Slot