Default Marking Menus

Extension Pack ships with a number of pre-configured Marking Menus mapped to Hotkeys.

All of them are fully customizable using the Hotbox Manager

Palette Marking Menu:

Toggle between the different Mari Palettes

Hotkey \

Tools Hotbox

Toggle between the different Mari Tools, Selection Modes

and Layer View Modes.

Hotkey T

Canvas Marking Menu

Toggle between the Mari Viewport Tabs and Shader Display Modes

Hotkey Y

Canvas Marking Menu

Quick access to the 'last used channel', 'last brush', 'last blend mode' and

the new Extension Pack Feature 'last shader'

Hotkey N

Steady Stroke

Activate and modify Steady Stroke for the current Tool

Hotkey V


Modify Lights

Hotkey F4

Brush Settings Hotbox

Edit the most commonly used Brush settings right within a Hotbox.

The Hotbox is context sensitive and will show additional options,

if the Paint Through Tool is active.

Hotkey ~

Favorite Node Hotbox

Quickly access your frequently used nodes

in the Nodegraph

Hotkey Nodegraph C

Nodegraph Tools Hotbox

Some commonly used nodegraph tools

Hotkey (Nodegraph) V

Manifold Node Hotbox

Quick access to manifold


Hotkey (Nodegraph) U

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