Condition by Jens Kafitz

  • Where to find it: (This Node is available in the Nodegraph only)

    • NodeGraph / Right Mouse Click / Add Nodes / Layer / Extension Pack /

The Condition Node allows you to create an IF Statement via the Nodegraph.

Based on the Tolerance Port either the THEN or ELSE Port Input will be Output

It allows for the following conditions by changing the dropdown in the node:

    • A equal to B
    • A not equal to B
    • A greater than B
    • A smaller than B

A Max Tolerance Option allows you to set a range around each value that is considered acceptable

making the IF Statement true.

The Compare R/G/B/A separately option allows you to specify at what level the Inputs (A/B) are evaluated.

    • With Compare R/G/B/A separately ON each channel on A will be compared to the corresponding Channel on B

When the Condition is not met the Channel will be switched to ELSE.

Subsequently this can mean that a RED Channel is switched to ELSE, while a BLUE Channel is kept at THEN.

    • With Compare R/G/B/A separately OFF the condition is only met when all Channels (R,G,B and A) meet

the criterion. The result of the Node will either be fully THEN or fully ELSE.