Can't find the Mari Scripts Directory

Solution 1

The Mari Scripts Directory might not exist yet on your computer. 

If you can't find it in the location listed below, please create it yourself

      • WINDOWS:  MyDocuments / Mari / Scripts /
      • MAC: UserDirectory / Mari / Scripts /
      • Linux: UserDirectory / Mari / Scripts /

Please ensure the correct spelling. It is 'Scripts' (plural), not 'Script' (singular)

Solution 2

If you have extracted Extension Pack into the Scripts Folder listed above, in rare cases Mari might be looking for the Scripts directory elsewhere.

To find out where Mari expects User Scripts to be located:

1. In Mari open your Python Console

2. In the lower section paste the following command: 


3. Hit the 'Evaluate' Button

4.Check the printed out path exists and install extension pack into the folder.