Archiving Information

  • Where to find them:

    • Main Window / Project Tab

Extension Pack adds visual indicators and tooltip information about the archiving state and contents of Projects to your main Project Tab.

Hovering over a project thumbnail,will provide additional information regarding archiving:

    • ObjectList                                -  A list of all Objects in your Project
    • Archived (true/false)                - If the project has ever been archived (even if the archive is out of date) this will display true
    • Archive Date                        - The Date of the last archiving
    • UpToDate (true/false)                - If the project on disc is the same as the archive this will display true and a green icon will

  be visible in the thumbnail corner


The green icon in the corner of the Thumbnail indicated if a project is archived and if the archive is up to date (ArchiveUpToDate Tooltip information)